I am Miami born. Ecuadorian raised. Living in the Garden State (NJ). Proud mom of a beautiful boy named Ben and the prettiest girl in the world; Emme. Happy wife of nearly 7 years and I have never felt more accomplished and happy than I feel today. I would say my style is pretty classic and chic with trendy pops of fun. I love to create looks on a budget for both my closet and home. 

I started this blog on November 2011, 3 months after giving birth to my son. And ever since then it has grown into something much bigger than I ever thought. I am inspired by other bloggers and famous style icons. I began my own style diary to document my day to day looks and to bring to you ideas and tips on how to pull looks together with basic pieces and pretty accessories without breaking the bank. Slowly this blog has taking a turn into lifestyle, beauty, fashion and all about my mommy life, which I love! I hope you can feel a little connected to my life and that maybe even a cinch of my tips help you out in some way. 

I truly believe that style is one's perception of ourselves. Though clothes are just material, I think all women can admit that the right outfit makes us feel like a million bucks, it makes you feel confident and sexy. And confidence is the most beautiful and sexy thing a woman can wear. As long as you feel amazing, you will look amazing. It is all about how we carry ourselves. 

What fulfills me the most about this blogging journey is to know I am connecting with so many women who are just like me; they are moms, wives, fashionistas who love to take care of their families and homes while working for what they love. 

Thank you for your support and love, it means the world to me.
xo, Erika.

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