Thursday, July 30, 2015


On Tuesday, July 28th, my beautiful little girl turned 6 months old.
A whole 1/2 a birthday! Already.
B has been a big brother for 1/2 a year!
The past 6 months have been filled with sleepless nights, 
double the worries but most of all joy and endless love. 
I don't know how we did "life" before kids. 
I can't imagine my life without these little humans. 
My children are the light of my eyes. The joy of my days.
But it isn't perfect. 
I get frustrated and upset and feel like I am doing it all wrong some days. 
Some days I lose my patience. But I continue to learn and most of all to enjoy the mayhem.
And I am getting better at it.
Most of all I am learning to simply C H E R I S H it. 
Just cherish the moments. There's been several times when things have been put into perspective for me lately. Moments when I realize how truly blessed I am to have these two amazing kids.
So many women would give anything to have just one. And I have two healthy happy kids.
So on those moments when I am losing my patience, I am learning to quickly think about that woman who would give anything to hear a child cry in the background while she quickly cooks.
Or that woman who would give it all to sit here at 3pm still in leggings with throw up all over her shirt. It's these tiny little "frustrations" that I am learning to truly enjoy. 
My daughter is beautiful. She is the light of our eyes, she has a presence about her.
I am in love with how amazing and smart and beautiful she truly is. 
And it's not only her outter beauty, at just 6 months old she is already a caring, sweet, feisty little girl. She has a smile that will sweeten up any cranky soul. 
And she has some pretty sweet milestones on her record: 
She sits up and tries to crawl.
She has 2 bottom teeth
Butternut Squash is her favorite.
She has said "mama"... while crying.
Papa is her heart and spoils her like no other.
B is her hero and her everything.
And me? Mama is her best friend. 
I love making things that we can cherish and that will be memorable and sweet for my doll.
I made this crown headband in 20 minutes. It cost me about $5.
If you are interested in a DIY tutorial for this 1/2 birthday headband, let me know.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015


Hat: c/o Ecua-Andino
Bikini Top: H&M 
Bikini Bottom: Forever 21
Crop Top: c/o SheIn
For today's post I went back and forth and forth and back for a couple of days before deciding to actually post these photos. Because yes they are me in a bathing suit, not just any bathing suit but a two piece which I haven't worn comfortably in a long time. But I wanted to be as raw as possible. 
Last Friday, I was lucky enough to be able to enjoy a day at the beach with my husby while my mom stayed with the kids. And boy was it amazing! I love my kids and am obsessed with spending every second of the day with them but as you all know, spending quality time with your spouse is a priority and very important to any and every marriage...
Back to the post. I get a lot of messages on Instagram and on here asking me what I do to have "that body after the baby" and that's exactly the reason I am posting these pics that clearly show my untoned abs and little rolls of fat on my back. It is to show you that for the most part the pictures you see are exactly that: just pictures. It is all about the angle I snap the photo in. 
I do understand that I am not fat. I get that. But I am also not "in shape" or "toned" and I want to be able to relate to you and you to know that I too struggle with my unfit body. I have insecurities and clothes that I feel uncomfortable with too. On this day, I was truly going to wear a one piece. And then I sat and told myself "NO! Wear your bikini like old times and be proud and confident in your skin and just enjoy your day". And that's exactly what I did. 
My body is no where near where I would ideally love it to be. I don't have an issue with the numbers on a scale because to me they are just that: numbers. I have never been one to want to lose 5 lbs or 10 lbs. I have always wanted to tone what I already have. I haven't made the time to have an exercise routine or go to the gym. It's always so hard for me to get motivated and organize with my time when it comes to working out. But I do plan to get that in my calendar soon.
One piece of advice I want to give my fellow mommies is to always always talk to yourself and cheer yourself up. If you don't do it, who will? I am lucky enough that my husband strives to make me feel beautiful and comfortable with myself and he is my biggest fan and supporter and I love that about him. Even when as a woman we are such harsh critics, it is nice to have someone cheer you and make you feel "so damn fine" as Beyonce would say! 
So next time, you look at me and say "oh man, how does she do it" just remember these are just pics! I have chichos and unwanted fat rolls and untoned abs that are not my favorite. I struggle with my daily mommy duties and frustrations, worries and questions on whether or not I am doing it "right"just like every other mom. But we have to all strive to push each other to feel good about ourselves and today I want to help you feel good about your mommy body too, even if it isn't where you want it to be. Because what is perfect anyway? Simply embrace it. 
As women, we should continue to empower each other in every which way. 
Keep your  head up ladies, we are in this together. 

Friday, July 24, 2015


Sunnies: Rayban | Top: Zara | Jeans: CottonOn | Shoes: ShoeDazzle
On the weekends I love to wear heels ya que on an average weekday I am for sure in flats. 
 I wore this outfit for a birthday party we had at the bowling alley. Love this top from Zara, it's especially cute for sushi lovers.
I got these jeans a few weeks back and loved the rips and detail on the bottom hems - nothing like a super cool pair of jeans. I know I'll be wearing these a lot all year long.
My main tip for a mommy like me is to always be comfortable.
A chic and fun tee like the ones I've been wearing lately, stretchy jeans and of course some fab heels and you will be a stylish mom on the go! Add chic sunnies and you are fabulosa all the way.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015


It's all about Beauty Day Wednesday today!

I am so excited finally be able to share this collaboration with you all. 
I have been working with Clinique for a few weeks now to bring you the first of two posts that I truly hope you enjoy as much as I have enjoyed working on it.
A couple of weeks ago I was treated to a full skin care and makeup consultation at my local Clinique counter. Clinique is one of those brands that is, simply put, a synonym to amazing quality and trust. 
Fun fact: I used Clinique pretty much my entire college life. My mom swears by it and of course who else to give me better skin care secrets + advice than my best friend aka my mother!

And even though I have used the brand before I actually never had a consultation. And let me be the first to tell you ladies, it is totally worth every minute of our time. You will discover your personal skin care needs as well as understand what is best for you and what works for your concerns, in an easy, fun and friendly atmosphere.
I met Jennifer (total sweet heart and fellow mom) she was super understanding and super knowledgeable but most of all helpful with my questions and skin concerns. 
We started off with a full facial using the famous 3-Step Skin Care System. This is what I had used in prior years, I remember loving that yellow moisturizer! We all recognize that bottle from counters apart. And to be completely honest, I still love it. I love the soft and clean feel of my face after I wash it with the Liquid Facial Soap to the fresh and glowing skin I rock when I apply my Dramatically different moisturizer. But ladies, Clinique has so much more than just that. Let's continue, shall we? 
Some of my main concerns are my pores around my cheeks (larger than I would like) and my t-zone. Jennifer was very informative and really helped me understand my skin and what worked best for me. After doing a skin test of sorts, she was able to determine that I am a Type 2 Dry to Dry Combination Skin. She gave me tips and tricks on how to use the Clinique products in a way that would benefit my daily routines  and schedule. I explained that I have two small children and she showed me a quick way to get all my beauty regimen completed for a mom on the go like me. I will have a lot more details on my second posts, I will even share a review on some of my favorite products and tell you which one I absolutely cannot live without right now! There are too many to list! 
After my skin care consultation we moved right on to makeup! Oh and didn't she know me! 
Jennifer selected a peachy-coral palette for me, which I loved! Especially for summer. 
My favorite of all ladies? The Lip Pop Lipstick! My tone? Poppy Pop! 
Even the names are perfection. My lipstick lasted pretty much all day, I would honestly say it lasted about 8 hours. The color was vibrant and bold. Just perfect for my skin tone and style. 
I really love and appreciate that Clinique has a tone and shade for every skin type, color and style. 
The Lip Pop Lipsticks come in an array of colors and I can't wait to get my hands on a nude shade as well! I love my bolds but can't live without my nudes, especially day to day.
I have my eye on the Nude Pop for my next counter visit...
Do you guys use Clinique? What's your favorite product? I would love to read your Clinique beauty stories... but for now, I am off to wash my face and lather on some moisturizer.

Monday, July 20, 2015


H&M Shorts
Shoe Dazzle Sandals
Forever 21 Crossbody Bag
Hola! As promised here are the details on the outfit I wore to the Romeo Santos concert at Barclay Center last weekend. We had such an amazing time - huge thanks to Urban Decay and my sweet girls at ABPR for the invitation and the amazing time. I have been trying out the lipglosses and blushes from the Summer Collection and love it! If you follow me on Snapchat, you know my favorite lipgloss shade right now is called Kinky! More on that soon! Have a happy Monday - it is blazing hot on this side of the country and I love every minute of it. Happiest summer!
Hola mis chicas lindas! Como se los prometi aqui tienen los detalles de el atuendo que use para el concierto de Romeo el fin de semana pasado. Fue esta crop top blanco con shorts negros. Super simple pero chic. Millon gracias a la marca de cosmeticos Urban Decay y ABPR por la invitacion a la suite en el Barclay Center de Brooklyn. Nos divertimos muchisimo! Fue una noche para el recuerdo! 
Si me sigues en Snapchat has visto que he estado usando los brillos labial de tal marca y mi favorito es Kinky! Un color natural y nude perfecto para todos los dias, de dia o de noche! 

Tuesday, July 14, 2015



On Me | Hamburger Tee | Jeans: Zara 
On B | Tee: JCPenney | Shorts:Target | Shoes: Converse
I love dressing my kids. It really makes me  so excited + happy. Must be the fashionista in me.
I love to put together cute + modern kids outfits but still keep them looking like kids and not adults.
This time, I was the one on the hunt got a hamburger t-shirt after I had purchased B's because I loved it so much! So when I found this one I was excited.
I love love love how this little outfit came out. And B was super ecstatic that this time I was matching him. And so was I. We wore this look for a party at the zoo. It was perfect and we had so much fun!
Me encanta vestir a mis ninos. La verdad es que me llena de creatividad y felicidad. 
Y me encanta vestirlos como ninos pero modernos y comodos. 
Esta vez fui yo la que buscaba esta camiseta de hamburguesa para combinar con mi hijo. Ya que cuando le compre la de el me encanto tanton que me parecio super chevere combinarnos asi.
Esta vez fue para una fiesta en el zoologico de una amiguita de Ben. 
Nos divertimos mucho y me encanto como salio este look de los dos.

Thursday, July 9, 2015


This is a compensated campaign in collaboration with 7-Eleven and Latina Bloggers Connect. As always all opinions are my own.

There's nothing I love more than spending time with my B and Em. 
Summer days are my favorite because we get to spend so much time outside and truly enjoy the beautiful things in life, which to me can be the simplest little things. Kids are truly the essence of joy and B enjoys even our simplest days and that makes my heart so happy.
We love to have picnics as much as we can. So usually after school we are searching for things to do outdoors and one of the easiest things and most fun for B is having a picnic. I usually rely on quick lunches so that we are able to make the most of our days. Therefore, healthy and delicious snacks are my choice of meals for days like these. So we normally like to have tuna sandwiches and fruits topped with a little game of catch and soccer of course! And lately we've been using our kiddie pool because the heat is seriously on (but I'm not complaining!). Love to make these memories. 
And did you know that 7-Eleven now offers a variety of healthy meals and snacks on the go? They are perfect for moms like you and I. I love that they have thought of our everyone in the family and offer a variety of items that are truly delicious, fresh and healthy. They offer some great choices like salads, fruit parfaits, wraps, pitas, sandwiches, veggie packs and even boiled eggs! There is something for everyone. 
B loves tuna! And even though fruits are not his favorite I always play little games with him in order to get him to eat at least some of it. A good mommy tip is that if your toddler gets a little difficult eating his fruits or veggies, simply make them into smoothies, as you may have seen on my Instagram, that's usually what works for us too! So next time you are wondering what to do with your kids this summer, don't drive yourself nuts, kids enjoy the simplest things. Head to your local 7-Eleven grab a few snack and voila! you have a picnic in just minutes! Believe me, your child will thank you and you will be one happy mama. 
I hope summer lasts forever this year (just wishing!) because there's no better memory than these 
hot summer days with the little loves of my life. 

This is a compensated campaign in collaboration with 7-Eleven and Latina Bloggers Connect. All opinions are my own.