Wednesday, December 30, 2015


I am going to try to keep it short and sweet. 
2015 has been such an amazing year for me. Personally and professionally...
...but nothing compares to the pure joy our little girl brought us this year. 
B is the most selfless brother and she adores him.
And there is nothing else I can ask for. 
2015 you truly have been one of our best years yet. 
Thank you,  my loyal readers for every sweet comment and all that love that you bring to me and my family. For supporting me and what I do. I am truly blessed and this blog wouldn't be a thing without you. I wish nothing but health, happiness and pure love for each of you.
T H A N K  Y O U. 
I love you guys!

Get ready... 2016 is coming full force;) stay tuned!

Thursday, December 24, 2015


Feliz Navidad! To Latinos Christmas is basically celebrated on Christmas Eve. 
We have dinner with our families, dress up and open presents at midnight. 
A tradition that I love and have passed on to my children. This year is extra special because it's Emme's first Christmas! And we couldn't be happier to have a little princess to celebrate with.
I am all about traditions and love to make little memories very very "cherish-able".  This morning I got to sleep in a little - thanks to my amazing husband! Christmas came early for me! But as soon as I woke up I was on Christmas mode and got everything ready to bake some Christmas brownies with the kids. I dressed Emme in her adorable candy cane princess dress that the sweet Tania from Belle Threads sent her .... if you don't know about her, follow her on insta (@belllethreads) she sews amazing pieces for all occasions for little girls. 
Little did I know that Emme would take the wooden spoon and devour the brownie mix! We let her have some fun but took her dress off so she wouldn't ruin it. It was truly the best moment so far. Ben loved it and we cracked up so hard seeing how much she enjoyed it. She cried when we took it away and off to bathe she went. I love sharing these little moments with you and wanted to pop in quickly to wish you a very happy, healthy and memorable Christmas. 
Feliz Navidad and let's remember the real reason... Jesus is born tonight.
God bless, love you guys!


Wednesday, December 23, 2015


Hi Guys! I am so happy to share my latest YouTube video. I know it's been a little while but buckle your seat belts, we are coming in full force for 2016! There are is so much great content coming to Lola Blue Style and I can't wait to share. For now, here is my little "last minute holiday gift ideas" video in case you are still shopping for Christmas. Hope you love!

Monday, December 21, 2015


Hi guys! I am so happy to be back to blogging after a week off. I have been so busy, as many of you have, with holiday prepping, shopping and all. And I am so excited that Christmas is just 4 days away. But no one is more excited than Ben! I wish he would stay 4 forever. Christmas is truly magical when you witness is through the eyes of a child. 
For today's post I wanted to share a little gifting tip when shopping for the teacher's in your life. Even if you are still shopping and want a cute and chic idea, I got you covered. I wanted to give B's teachers something thoughtful and pretty. So I knew Home Goods was my go to destination for everything fab, chic and affordable. I picked up the cutest baskets and filled them with tea, cookies, a cute mug and a lippie. I spent just under $20 for each teacher and I truly loved how this gift basket turned out. I added the lippie from L'Oreal for a girlie touch. I brought the baskets to the teachers today and they loved it. They even hugged me:) It made me happy to see how happy my little gift made them. So if you are still shopping and don't want to spend a ton, I hope this gift idea is the one for you. Let me know what you think in the comments below and have a merry Christmas!

Monday, December 14, 2015


This post is sponsored by Target. As always, all opinions are my own.
Every year when the holidays come around, I struggle to come up with creative gifting ideas for the special people in my life. This year, I decided I would give three people the same gift to make it easier on myself and my time. So I went out to Target and bought three of these amazing touch-screen leather-and-suede gloves for three ladies in my life. I thought, "Gloves! Everyone loves them and needs them, so this is one of those gifts that is pretty much universal." To make things even better, they are touch screen—I own a pair and I am obsessed! So I knew they would love these! I added little accessories to each person's gift box for a little personal touch, according to their personality and their style. Personally, I love giving and receiving thoughtful gifts! 

The first gift box (PS: The gorgeous metallic boxes are $1.80 each on clearance!) is for my sister-in-law. Just like me, she has two children and is always on the go. The gloves are such a nice, neutral color that they go with everyone. Just like me, she loves paper calendars, so I knew she would love this super chic agenda. I added the gel nail polishes since she barely ever has time to sit at the salon since her schedule is always so busy. I love gel nail polish; I have these myself, and I know she will love them too! 

The second gift is great for every cool girl, and for this one I thought of my 20-year-old cousin. I've been obsessed with funky-cute socks lately, and I know she will love them too. So I purchased three pairs of these adorable ankle socks that I knew she would love. She's always on her cell phone, so I know she'll totally appreciate these touch-screen gloves too. Because she's been experimenting with makeup more and more lately, I wanted to give her one of my go-tos: my NYX concealer. Finally, I added a gold crown ornament to signify her; she's the princess of the family since she's the youngest one, so I knew she would feel extra special with this adorable gift. 

My last gift is for my mom. Every year she and my husband are my most difficult "giftees." I always end up giving her a few of her favorite things, always thinking about the things she loves. So I bought her a lavender hand lotion (it's her fave scent!) and a travel-size nail set, because she always loves her hands nice and manicured, and I love the compact look of this set. And, of course, the gloves! 

Buying one main piece to gift to various people made my life so much easier. It actually made it fun to get the little gifts to add to each present according to each person's personality. I hope you enjoyed these ideas and you get inspired to get some of these Target items for your special ones this holiday season. Don't forget that they are offering free shipping and returns through December 25th.
Find your style @TargetStyle

Monday, December 7, 2015


This post is sponsored by Target. As always, all opinions are my own.

December is officially here! And that means accessories, accessories and more accessories!  
I am not a fan of winter when it comes to the cold, snowy days, but when it comes to fashion, fall and winter are my total fave. You can accessorize the heck out of a super simple outfit and take it from blah to glam in .05 seconds. It's a great way to have alternate outfits even when you are on a budget. So my idea of fashion is: accessories first!

I love to dress up simple pieces with accessories of different textures and colors. For this Target collaboration, I was asked to create two looks using a few accessories—and, boy, was it fun! I've said it time and time again: Target is everything to me, from fashion to home to toys to food. It is my go-to destination pretty much every other day, for every other reason and then some. 

I knew I wanted a super chunky statement scarf, and I needed a cute winter hat. So that's where my shopping trip began. I loved this scarf from the moment I saw it. Even though it's a statement piece and has a fabulous print, you can for sure use it in more than a few looks. My first look was this trendy oversized sweater and over-the-knee boots. The scarf took my outfit from simple to cozy and fabulous in the blink of an eye. I added this adorable hat that has a faux fur pom-pom. If you are like me, you wear faux fur any chance you get! And because every cute outfit needs a fun handbag, I decided to go with a clutch that was definitely eye-catching and different. The texture is amazing and the detail is perfection. It's definitely a winter clutch—it has sherpa on the top edge, which I love because it makes it super different and fun. 

For the second look, I created a more casual but still cute outfit. Blazers have been my "it" pieces for some time, but, to be honest, I had not worn them in a while. So I immediately thought of bringing back this classic denim-and-blazer look. I added the chunky scarf and wore it differently than the first look, and voila! I love the phone case I found. It says "be original," and I love not only the metallic look, but also the message. Such a cool way to add a little spunk to your cell phone.

The jeans-and-blazer look is so easy to wear. You can try adding fun accessories from Target like I did, and you are ready to hit the town—day or night. 
I also wanted to share this fun style video with you all about accessories and just further chatting about how you can accessorize to create more than one look. Check it out below for ideas on how to style your outfits the right way with the best accessories from Target!

And if you love online shopping as much as I do, good news! has free shipping and returns on all orders, from now through 12/25. It is free standard shipping (3 – 5 business days). Don't miss out! 

Find your style @TargetStyle

Sunday, December 6, 2015


This post is sponsored by Target. As always, all opinions expressed are my own. 

 We are officially one week into December and I couldn't be happier. The holidays are my favorite time of the year and having a new home to deck the halls for is simply a dream for me. 
If you follow me on SnapChat you know that I am at Target at least two times a week - every week! 
I can't help it, it's an obsession, you guys! My husband thinks I might as well own a share of their stock, lol! Well this time it was no exception; as you know, I've partnered with Target for more than a few campaigns this year and, to be completely honest, it is one of my favorite collaborations to date because it is so me, so real. My house is truly decked in Target items from front to back and back and front. So when it came to decorating my dining table, I knew exactly what I wanted it to look like and how I was going to make it come to life. 
Christmas truly means so much to me and I always say that you don't know what the joys of the holidays truly are until you have children to share these moments with. The cozy and warm feeling inside my house means everything to me. To see my angelitos light up every time they walk downstairs and see a new room in the house decorated truly warms my heart. And even though she is only 10 months old, Emme truly gets it, she sees the colors and the sparkles and she smiles from ear to ear. Ben is obsessed with the many sparkly, colorful and fun Christmas trees I have around the house. The arbolitos really get him in the spirit of the season and I love that. I love making memories like these. So today I wanted to share how I decked my table with Target.
I thought it would be super fun to share my tips and decorating ideas with you. As you can see, I even used disposable plates... They are so stinkin' cute and elegant, even though they are disposable! I love love love mixing golds and silvers and sparkle and of course texture when it comes to home decor and my table was no exception. I even added these adorable initial letter ornaments to each place setting for a loving touch, which I know my family loves. 
I hope you love my table setting as much as I do. I have so much more to do around the house but little touches like these truly make me so happy.
Don't forget to enjoy this time of the year, even all among the mayhem! Take the time to apapachar your loved ones and tell them how much they mean to you. Be merry + bright!

Friday, December 4, 2015


Top: Forever 21
Skirt: c/o SheIn
Shoes: Zara
Last week we celebrated Thanksgiving and I loved my skirt so much I decided to do a little post about it and share it with you. Unless you are living under a rock, you've seen fringe just about everywhere. And in everything, on handbags, boots, skirts, vests, coats... you name it, it's fringe!
I honestly ended up picking out my outfit very last minute. I had both of my kids' outfits planned weeks in advance and of course, no idea what I would wear, so typical of a mom! 
I didn't even mean to match Emme but I thought these pics looked so cute! Mostly because of her angelic face and gorgeous dress. She is a beauty, I tell ya!
This top is from the summer and I wore it for my birthday dinner. It's a crop top and it's super delicate and beautiful, I love it. This skirt I've had for a while actually and I've been dying to wear it. I thought it was perfect for the  holiday and I paired it with my super old Zara shoes that I still love. 
Fringe is so easy to wear even though it may seem a little intimidating. Just have fun with it! I love to mix textures and different styles in one look too.  
I normally don't spend a whole lot on trendy pieces, ever! I just think that it's not worth it, in my opinion. This skirt looks a whole lot more expensive than what it is. You can find it here for just under $15! But I do love to have fun with my outfits and add little trendy pieces here and there. 
Would you wear fringe? And do you splurge on trends? I would love to hear from you.

Thursday, December 3, 2015


This is a compensated campaign in collaboration with JOHNSON'S and Latina Bloggers Connect. As always all opinions are my own.
Hi guys! Today I wanted to share a very special post. As you have been reading, this is my favorite time of the year for more reasons than one. The warmth that is felt throughout the community is undeniably what we call the "holiday spirit". There's nothing like creating memories and capturing them for years to come. Which is why today I want to share with you an awesome social movement that JOHNSON’S® and Save the Children are igniting this holiday season. It is all in support of early childhood development. 
I am so blessed to be able to provide my children with healthcare, education and more than they need, honestly. And believe when I tell you I don't take this for granted and I strive everyday to explain to B that he is blessed beyond measure and that unfortunately not all children have what he has. My goal as a mom is to raise a selfless, sweet, educated, polite and mostly humane man. I want him to grow up to care about everyone and help those that need it most, not only during the holidays but always. I want him to learn and know about poverty and children who are starving around the world. I do little things with him to teach him the value of giving back. This year, we donated two boxes of his toys to Dominican Republic along with some of their clothes to children in need. I realize the joy that is felt in my home this holiday season may not be in everyone's home, some kids don't have a home. Which is why this post is so important and special to me. 
Did you know that every day, millions of babies may miss opportunities critical to growth and development due to poverty, lack of early stimulation, poor nutrition, and lack of early education. Which is why I am very happy to have partnered with JOHNSON’S® because they care about our children and they continue to make a positive impact in children's lives. Through their programs, Save the Children help to 300,000 children in need, JOHNSON’S® helps their mission to make a positive impact on babies' development. Their mission? To make sure that every child reaches their full potential by bringing importance to early childhood development. My mission? To share this message with you, so that you too can help me spread the word. 
I invite you to take a look at THIS video which features Save the Children families benefiting from early childhood development programs. It is so easy to give back this season and I encourage you to do so every chance that you can. For this movement all you have to do is share the video and download the Donate a Photo app, then select Save the Children® and share your photo on Instagram with the hashtag #SoMuchMore and tag +Johnson's Baby. By doing so, JOHNSON’S® will triple its donation in support of early childhood education programs. 
Please help this great cause for our children this holiday season. 
This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Johnson & Johnson and Latina Bloggers Connect. The opinions and text are all mine.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015


This is a compensated campaign in collaboration with Orgullosa and Latina Bloggers Connect. As always all opinions are my own.

As many of you know, we moved into a new house about a month ago and I've been having tons of fun decorating and simply making this house OUR home. 

Well it couldn't come at a better time! I am so happy to be in our new place for the holidays. And I've been decorating every room in our house to make it festive and feel warm and sweet this holiday season. From the porch to the dining room to the kids' playroom and of course my new office! Even though it's still a work in progress, I wanted to give it a little holiday magic. I love this time of year. And I love mixing my Latin culture with my American traditions and sharing those with my kids.

Growing up in Ecuador, we didn't celebrate Thanksgiving for example, but we've made the American tradition our own and get together with our families, give thanks and prepare a delicious feast every year. The holidays just make you feel jolly and bright no matter what nationality you are.

And nothing makes any room warmer and more cozy than a holiday candle and scent. 
Which is why I am so happy to share that I've partnered with Orgullosa to share my tips on how to decorate your space this holiday season. I love making my home feel festive and cozy all year round but especially during this time of the year. I remember our Navidades in Guayaquil... you know how there are scents that can transport you right into a certain moment in time? That's exactly what my Jolly Pine candle does for me, it takes me right back to Guayaquil when I was 6 years old... that amazing smell of pine trees from our arbolito... there's nothing like my childhood and those memories. Which is why I strive in making our home a true memory for my family and I. 

Something as simple as spraying my Jolly Pine Febreze air freshener or lighting my candle that can truly bring back memories I love and cherish, and I love that I am able to do that now for my family. These little things make for the perfect holiday memories in our home. And at the same time, it's the perfect way to deck the halls in my office and eliminate odors... total win-win in my book! 

For more ideas on how you can make your home merry and bright this season check out Orgullosa's Facebook page. Happy holidays and don't forget to enjoy every little moment.
This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Latina Bloggers Connect and Orgullosa. The opinions and text are all mine.

Monday, November 30, 2015


This post is sponsored by Clamato. As always, all opinions are my own.
The holidays are around the corner and you all know what that means...
FOOD FOOD AND MORE FOOD! My favorite time of the year!
Not only because I get to eat some amazing meals but most of all because of the family time spent together, the traditions and the sweet memories made. Now that I am a mother, the holidays are so more special, Christmas, takes a whole new meaning once you have children.
Thanksgiving isn't the same unless you have little people to share your traditions with. The warmth of family moments and all that time spent in the kitchen are truly memorable and warm my heart.
I hope you get to enjoy your holidays, even through the chaos. One of my favorite parts is cooking with my mom, therefore, as part of my foodie series I wanted to share a ceviche recipe with you. 
If you know me, you know I have a weakness for anything shrimp. Ceviche is actually one of my favorite foods so when choosing what I would make for my collaboration with Clamato, it was a no brainer, ceviche  it was! But you can use Clamato for an endless variety of recipes.
Typically, my family and I make ceviche for lunch, it's just such a great alternative to any meal. I love using delicious and easy ingredients any time possible. Especially when you have to small kids. Time is definitely of the essence. This recipe was prepared in about a half hour and I even added chifles or plantain chips for an extra kick, yum! There are so many ways in which you can use Clamato, some of them I didn't even think of, but if you are looking for ideas, go here.  
I hope you all love you ceviche as much as I enjoyed mine. Let me know if you have any questions by leaving a comment or let me know if you made it too! The recipe is here, but feel free to take a look at the variety of other meals you can cook up using the Clamato of your choice.