Friday, November 9, 2012

The shoes of my dreams!

As I was doing my week round up... I came across this amazing, too good for words, dream, whimsical yet rocking, perfection of a shoe! They are DSQUARED2 and retail at the glam price of....

.... just $1,495.00... but hey shipping is FREE! ;)

And let's keep dreaming, check out these silver stunners! Who else but Christian Louboutin. I die for these shoes. DIE!

And these are just... $3,395.00 ;)

Happy Friday!



  1. wow both pairs are stunning, and absolutely gorg!
    If you get a sec id love to hear your thoughts on my latest outfit post

  2. I LOVE the Louboutins! Us girls can dream...right?!?

  3. Please DO NOT tease me with these shoes. There is absolutely no way that I'll be able to own them unless I finally get lucky with the Mega Million's pot. Ha, tough luck. Luv the shoes though.

  4. LOVE!!! I better win the Mega Million's very soon.