Friday, February 24, 2012

Hot little bathing suits you won't want to miss!

I am so ready for summer time. Is my body ready for summer? HA. Yea. Right. But I am trying.... I am. My oreos and brownies are so delicious and they've been banned to once a week. Hey I said I was trying!

So I've been collecting some fab little bathing suits I love on My Pinterest page and I am going to share some of those with you.

This spring/summer season is all about color and fashion forward pieces, detail is key. I am loving fringe, pop of color, Brazilian bottoms and of course retro style suits.

One of my favorite one piece suits? This little crocheted piece below.

I can't wait to go to the stores and try some of these on... give me a few more weeks to gain a little more confidence ;)

Want to know where to get most of these? Follow me on My Pinterest.

Off I go to do 50 sit ups ;)


Thursday, February 23, 2012

Blue + Green + Yellow - color block.

How cool and casual is this little look from the J.Crew window last night?

I love:

These are pretty simple pieces and you don't have to spend a fortune on them. Basic pants in hunter green, blue blouse and a pop of color necklace = fabulous weekend outfit.


Friday, February 17, 2012

Playing around with some basic pieces = fab look.

 I am definitely loving nudes and blacks right now.

As I was playing around with some basic pieces the other day and I really liked how this nude sheer top that I bought at Zara for $39.90 looked with my vintage pencil skirt I had laying around in my closet, I added a vintage brown leather belt to add some spunk and this was the result, Pair this with a nude pump and wahla you are ready to take over the world ;)

This is a prime example that sometimes there is no need to run to the mall every single time you have an event, by having some staple pieces in your closet you can put together a great look and make it look effortless and save some money at the same time. And I love me vintage pieces too.

(Don't mind the bit of blurry - my blackberry sucks sometimes, I need and iphone, too bad T-Mobile doesn't carry it.)


Mall strolling and window shopping ...

I had to run to Zara last night to "exchange" something. Well I ended buying more crap instead of "just exchanging"... always happens.

But as I was there I saw these fabulous lace shorts I have had my eyes on for a while now on My Pinterest - they look even better in person. I love them and need to lose about 10 lbs to be able to rock these! Check them out:

These would look fabulous with a nice white silk blouse (also from Zara):

... and some cute fun gold accessories, wedge sandals (from shopbop):

 and you are ready to rock this outfit! I am loving the soft romantic look for summer. And as always still very stylish and classy.

And of course as I was there already I needed to head over to the kids section... and for these for Ben because he NEEDED them in his closet! Well you know I need them in his closet!

I loved these too but we could only afford one pair at a time. Plus the kid doesn't even walk yet! So you know this is all for good looks ; ) and in the name of cool babies.

So there you have it, until my next mall visit...

Let me know what you think of the fab little summer outfit. I super love it and need to have.... AFTER I lose 10lbs that is.


Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Grammys 2012 - My best + worst dressed.

The Grammys were this past Sunday and I wasn't able to post my thoughts yesterday but here they are on who my best and worst dressed celebs were.

Let's begin with the worse... to save my best dressed for last :)

Worst dressed:

No words for this woman:
I didn't like this look for Katy Perry at all:

Not glamorous at all, Fergie could do better:

Julianne Hough, didn't like the hair nor the dress:
 Best dressed:

Kelly Rowland looked amazing:

Kelly + Gwen were my favorite:

So Adele... Classy.

Rihanna, always exudes sexy:

Best dressed males:

(not Adam Levine's girlfriend, this dress was too revealing for the Grammys but he is oh-so-caliente!) 

Such a hot couple, Alicia + Swiss Beats:

And of course the cutest little girls:

Who was your best and worst dressed?


Meeting Jonathan Cheban!

My fabulous friend Amy invited some of her best girls to Jonathan Cheban's Clothing Line Launch Party last night in NYC for New York Fashion week. And of course that included me!

We had a super fab time and we got to see a few reality celebs; Ramona and Alex from Real Housewives of New York, Angela Simmons, Stephanie Pratt, some sports players, Simon Huck; also from Spin Crowd and of course Jonathan Cheban - also known as Kim Kardashian's bff - publicist and fashion designer for Batter, a men's sleek clothing line, here's a little more about his line Batte.

Good times. I know feel one step closer to Kim K. hahaha I am so silly!


Friday, February 10, 2012

Sock Curls: The Result!

So I remembered to spray my hair...and here are some photos from this morning.

(Keep in mind that my hair is very long and there are lots of it as well as it is very heavy, so my curls always fall down quickly, even when I do it at the salon)

And about an hour later:

I really love this look, it is soft and fun, and so easy to do and best of all you are not damaging your hair by using NO heat.

My awesome friend Jen tried it as well this week and she was sweet enough to send me her pics, here are her curls, they look so fabulous on her!

Do you want to get this easy, sexy and fun look? Take a look at my post HERE and go ahead and try it! Thank you Nadia and Pinterest for finding this fabulous idea!!


Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Sock Curls - Mistake #1!

Last night I was already in my sock bun looking fabulous and some awesome shine to this long tresses, take a look:

So this morning I wake up super excited to show all of you my fabulous curls I know I can get with my sock! Because I did it once before and they looked great....except the only photo I took I was in a towel.. Now we don't want to see that on the interweb! lol

So this is what I looked like this morning pre "revelation of the curls":

Not bad I thought... So I started to undo my sock... which you can see in the photo above... and major FAIL! But what did I do wrong? I know this works, I felt like I let you all down when I remembered I did NOT damp my hair before putting my sock on! MAJOR MISTAKE! And I apologize, that was very dumb of me, I know you all wanted to see the outcome and now I feel like a major ass! 

Here I was disappointed with my no-curls-hair:
(a little blurry because I was now in a rush)

I promise you this works for me,  I am doing it again tonight and hoping to remember to wet my hair a little - Remember your hair must be 90% dry!! Do not make the same mistake I made because you will be disappopinted.

But I must say it doesn't look too bad this morning :)


Monday, February 6, 2012

Curl your hair using a sock - NO HEAT!

As you all know lately, I am obsessed, ok beyond obsessed with Pinterest as of lately. If you are on it, you know exactly what I mean, if you are not pinning, you should be!

With that said one of the main reasons, other than the fashion + home ideas that I find for inspiration - there of course are the beauty tips. And the latest and greatest.... curling your hair without heat.

If you are like me, I am the girliest girl but I do not have the patience nor the time to curl my hair, I have long hair and lots of it... that just equals frustration.

So here they are, there's 2 ways.

One, the sock method and two, with just a headband! Again, no heat.

The first method I personally tried, last night and I must say it is absolutely easy and simple, here is the source and please watch "The sock bun secret" first and THEN watch "Sock curls" it'll just be easier this way so you understand exactly what you need to do. I loved my curls this morning but failed to take decent pic of myself, with clothes on! I promise to post next time, which will definitely be this week.

I will post my silly before and the fabulous after.

By the way the sock bun, is amazing, your bun will look fabulous!! Always. So this is a win-win, fabulous bun and then take it off and have amazing wavy curls.

And for the second method, here is the headband method I haven't tried this one yet, but as you can see looks quite simple and completely works.

Let me know what you think about this. I would love to hear what you thought when you try it. And feel free to send me photos of your befores and afters!

Happy curling!!


My Sunday Attire - Nine West "Camelot" boots.

Hello fabulous peeps!

Just wanted to share my "Sunday Attire".

I had a fabulous Sunday with my husband, minus my Ben; some much needed mommy & daddy time. We did some home shopping and a delicious lunch.

I decided to wear my fab new boots from Nine West

These babies were just $79 plus free shipping! And I absolutely love them.

Here they are on ME.

I am loving super tall boots this winter and it was a gorgeous Sunday here in New Jersey yesterday.

Happy Monday all!!