Friday, October 28, 2011

Lola Blue must have - the black blazer... and a fab twist on the classic.

There are a few key pieces to every woman's closet. Today's "Lola Blue must have" item is the black blazer. It is classy and goes with everything. You can dress it up by wearing it with a dress or go casual and wear it over a tank top or blouse and jeans. Here are a few options on prices and styles.
Express Timeless Jacket $118
J. Crew Blazer $375

 Don't have the budget for any of these jackets? I found a similar blazer for a fraction of the price.

Forever 21 Blazer $27.80

For a fab twist on the classic black jacket, I love these blazers with a pop of color!

Necessary Objects Red Blazer $59

Forever 21 Cocoa Blazer $29.80

Happy shopping!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

The concealer.

I stopped by Nordstrom's at the beginning of the summer looking for a nice natural concealer, the beauty expert recommended this Laura Mercier Secret Concealer and I haven't looked back since. It is lightweight, looks natural and it does not crease.

 It's a little pricey at $22 but it works wonders. I personally own it and love it. A good friend of mine bought it and she also loves it. Wooo Nadia! ; )

Sexy little black dress!

As a rule to any woman's closet... you MUST have a sexy little black dress. And if you don't, shame on you! But it's not too late... I found this sexy mini dress for a fabulous price, check it out and let me know what you think:

Isn't it hot? Perfect for a romantico date or a night in the town with the girls! You can now buy it at Asos Black Mini Dress for only $44.93!


We are fast approaching the cold November weather, ugh how I hate winter! The only thing that makes me look forward to the snow season, other than my tall chai tea latte, is the clothes! I have been scouting Kourtney Kardashian's two-tone Chanel boots since last winter season...

But since I can't afford $1000+ boots, just yet. I did my research and took myself to the mall last week, straight to Aldo's I went, and there they were, for a fraction of the price.
You can now purchase these fab two-tone riding boots for just $170.00

...How this blog was born.

After giving birth to my first baby, my son aka "the king", he rules my life, I found myself being at home with many never ending ideas, thoughts, interests and most importantly many, many dreams. My newest; a blog. A style blog, of course. I've been brewing with the idea for a while now... And waiting until "the king" gave me a little more free time, and its happened, he finally has a more manageable routine. So here I am... making this idea, a reality.

The idea began to come together when I noticed a good amount of my friends complimenting my outfits and a lot of times asking where I purchased it. After giving it some thought I figured I had nothing to lose and a lot of fun and knowledge to gain by putting together a blog of anything and everything I wear and what I would love to wear.

I believe fashion is a true expression of one's personality. I love dressing up, playing with make up, colors, different styles, new and vintage pieces. As early as I can remember, I was playing with my tia's hair and putting makeup on my mom. As a little girl,  I remember sitting at home bored, playing dress up on and taking pictures of myself. True story : )

I plan on giving you tips & ideas on what to wear for the current season and where to find them these fab pieces at amazing prices. My purpose is to make this blog your "go-to" personal stylist for the latest in fashion trends through my eyes. From time to time you may find beauty products and maybe even baby fashion! I will also be posting some high end items for which we all have our "emergency funds" piggy bank for ; )

Let's get this closet party started!