Tuesday, September 16, 2014


Fall is here and to be honest I do love it! The fresh crisp air is perfect, I wish it would just stay this way and this could be our winters... a la Los Angeles! Wishful thinking my friends, all but wishful thinking. Last Monday I attended the Glam NYFW Dinner at the gorgeous Beautique in NYC. The atmosphere, the food and the night were just perfect. It was a chilly night and I wanted to wear a little bit of Fall. I went for this faux leather skirt I got from Zara last year + paired it with this gray knit sweater from H&M. Adding these color block t-strap pumps + embellished clutch added a bit of glam which I love in any outfit. Add a statement necklace such as this silver pearl piece and you are ready to take on any fall night with style. 
El clima esta riquismo por aca - el otonio esta aqui para quedarse y la verdad me encanta esta temporada al igual que el verano. Como me encantaria que esta temperatura fuera nuestros inviernos tipo Los Angeles, todos ricos, soleados pero no de esos que nos congelan, jaja. Pero bueno chicas, ahi que disfrutarlo. Por eso el lunes pasado asisti a un cena con Glam en NYC en el restaurante Beautique. La comida riquisima, la atmosfera super chic y perfecta al igual que la noche completa. Por lo que estuvo un poco frio decidi ponernme esta falda de cuero sintetico de Zara de la coleccion de el anio pasado. El sueter gris fue el toque perfecto con esta accesorios con detalles lindos y por supuesto un pieza de perlas plateadas como la que lleve puesta, fueron los accesorios perfectos para hacer de este look un look glamoroso y chic.
Sweater/Sueter: H&M
Jewelry/Joyeria: Lola Blue, the closet
Skirt/ Falda: Zara
Purse/Cartera: c/o NineOneTwoSSI
Shoes/Zapatos: Zara

Friday, September 12, 2014


This is a compensated campaign in collaboration with Lunch Box and Latina Bloggers Connect. All opinions are my own. 
Happy Friday! I think it's safe to say that we all love to feel red carpet ready whether it is for an elegant affair or if you are like me, for date nights with my husband and some times even for brunch with friends. One thing is true, when we feel great it definitely shows. And that is one thing I talk about a lot here on the blog. I am a mom and wife, we as mothers juggle many different tasks. But to me it has always been very important to feel great. You know how they say HAPPY WIFE, HAPPY LIFE? I saw HAPPY MOMMY + WIFE, HAPPY LIFE. That is why it is important to take the time to take care of ourselves, indulge a little. And that doesn't mean you have to break the bank. Treat yourself to things you like, go shopping once a month, if you are on a budget like me. You can find great sales and deals. But take some time out to do what you love to and what makes you feel like a Divina Latina. 
I recently had one of those moments. I stopped by Sam's Club last Sunday for the usual "grocery" things and I decided to pick up some of my must have beauty items too. A nice relaxing bath makes a world of a difference for me at the end of the day. Having the time to indulge in a long shower (you mommies know what I am talking about) when I have the time makes me feel happy and relaxed. So I make sure to always leave a little time for and I recommend you do the same ladies. So next time you are out at your local Sam's Club, pick something up just for you too. Indulge in what makes you feel pampered and fab. This way we can all be happy mommies and very happy wives. And this confidence and happiness will definitely show!
Caress Body Wash 
For as long as I can remember I have always used a body wash or shower gel - I am not a soap person at all. I love the smooth feel on my skin after a long day or early in the morning. The scent of this body wash takes my mornings to another level. It is so refreshing and smells like heaven in a bottle. 

Tresemme Keratin Smooth Shampoo + Conditioner
Now we all know how much I don't enjoy primping up my hair. So for a great set of shampoo + conditioner is a must have. It leaves my hair smooth and sleek making it easy to style or simply, as I always do towel dry and go. I love that it keep the frizz to minimum even on these crazy September humid days we've had.

                                                     Degree MotionSense Deodorant 
If we can all agree on a definite must-have-I-cannot-leave-home-without... well ladies I hope it is your deodorant! I've been using Degree and I love that it has this cool MotionSense technology that releases bursts of freshness to keep me protected longer. The more I move the better protection I get. A bailar! 

POND’s Crema S
I started using this POND's Cream 4 years ago when I was pregnant with my son. A good friend of mine recommended it for my dry skin during change of seasons and it is great! It nourishes my skin and truly makes your skin feel hydrated and moisturized for 24 hours as it promises. I totally recommend this cream for super dry skin - it's inexpensive and totally effective.

There you have it ladies. I hope you enjoyed today's beauty post! Easy peasy lemon squeezy... just how I like it... and for less. Not who doesn't love to save a little money and get truly effective products? I sure do.

Thursday, September 11, 2014


So summer is officially over but unofficially September has actually been very warm. We had a super humid weekend this passed one. And I decided it was the perfect time to wear my new Ecua-Andino panama hat. Now you all know how proud I am to be Ecuadorian. I love my heritage and my beautiful city of Guayaquil. So when Ecua-Andino reached out to me I was super excited to receive this beautiful hat. Not just for its obvious good looks but because I was able to have a little piece of my dear Ecuador with me. Ecuador has always had so many of my best childhood memories. Nothing like being raised in a home were though things weren't perfect, but my family made sure to make them pretty closet to perfect; full of love and innocence for a little girl like me. So this connection to my roots made me very excited. I am proud my country has such amazing and talented artists and designers who are able to put together one of THE most popular hat styles in the world. Want to know how these hats are made, read more about the process HERE. So interesting!
Oficialmente el verano ya se acabo aqui en New Jersey. Pero les comento que este fin de semana estuvo super humedo por aca. Y fue el dia perfect para lucir mi adorado sombrero de paja toquilla Ecua-Andino. Ustedes saben el orgullo que siento en ser Ecuatoriana. Y cuando Ecua-Andino me contacto yo felizmente dije SI mandenme uno y lo lucire orgullosamente. Como saben algunos soy de Guayaquil, la linda costa de Ecuador. Y me siento feliz de haber recibido una pequena pieza de manualidad de mi hermoso pais. Guayaquil lleva muchos recuerdos de mi infancia, los mejores. Porque aunque no tuvimos la familia perfecta, mi mama y mi familia siempre se aseguraron de criarme con mucho amor y siempre manteniendo mi inocencia y crearon los mejores recuerdos de mi infancia. Es por eso que esta coneccion con mi pasado es muy especial para mi. Estoy muy orgullosa de que mi pais sea el manufacturador de tan popular y conocido sombrero a nivel mundial. Tenemos tanta gente talentosa, los cuales crean uno de los estilos de sombreros mas populares de el mundo entero. Y con orgullo! Lean mas sobre como hacen estos sombreros AQUI.
Hat/Sombrero: c/o Ecua-Andino
Sunnies/Gafas: RayBan
Blouse/Blusa: TopShop
Shorts: H&M
Bag/Cartera: Marc Jacobs
Sandals/Sandalias: Forever 21

And of course my sweet boy had to make a sweet little cameo!
Y por supuesto mi dulce bebe quizo estar en las fotos!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014


I almost forgot to post this look! Here is what I wore for Day 1 of New York Fashion Week this year. I went with an all black look because it was easy and I love the simplicity of such a perfect basic color. When planning the outfit I knew I needed a little pop so I added this Rag & Bone hat which you've already seen me wear a zillion times. And of course a bold lip was a must. I wore Mrs. Mia Wallace from Urban Decay's new fall collection Pulp Fiction. I felt chic and stylish yet comfortable. It was such a fun day, I got to see some of my blogger buddies. I went to Desigual + Marissa Webb as well as a fabulous Old Navy event in the evening. I even saw Katie Holmes! And then to finish off this hot September day, me and a few friends had a late night dinner. It was the perfect ending to a fabulous day.
Hola chicas! Por poco me olvido de poner este look! Esto fue lo que use para el primer dia La Semana de la Mode de Nueva York. Decidi ponerme este look simple de color pero igual de fabuloso porque quise estar comoda pero chic. Para ponerle un poco de fabulosity decidi llevar este sombrero de Rag & Bone cual ya me lo han visto millon veces (es que me encanta). Y por supuesto chicas, cuando en duda, pongansen un labial llamativo - en este caso use el de Urban Decay, de la coleccion nuevo Pulp Fiction en Mrs. Mia Wallace es el color. Recuerden solo porque es un color basico, no significa que el negro se aburrido, juega con tu accesorios y ya! Te veras fabulosa! Espero les guste. 
Hat/Sombrero: Rag & Bone
Top/Blusa: Forever 21
Skirt/Falda: H&M
Belt/Correa: Zara
Shoes/Zapatos: Steve Madden
Bag/Cartera: Forever 21

Have a great week! | Que tenga una linda semana!

Monday, September 8, 2014


Hello my sweet loves! I am so excited for today's post. I think it's one of my favorites so far. Last weekend I attended a 3-day Indian wedding. It was gorgeous! And to be honest I had no idea what to wear at first. I really wanted to go for a sari but after giving it much thought I thought that unless I had another Indian wedding to attend it would pretty much be a beautiful waste of money. So I went for the next best thing: Virgos Lounge. Virgos Lounge is a online boutique in London which has the most stunning embellished gowns. The dresses they sell are simply a must have to any woman's closet. I was in love with every single one of them. The details, colors and embellishments are truly a beauty. Here are photos of the dress I chose for this wedding. I added stunning Indian jewelry from a town near by. And accented the dress with these gold shoes + handbag that I've had for as long as I can remember. And of course I had to wear a bindi! 
Dress: c/o Virgos Lounge
Jewelry: Local Indian Boutiques
Purse: H&M
Shoes: Nine West
Lips: Russian Red by MAC

Friday, September 5, 2014


 Unless you live under a rock, any respected fashionista knows New York Fashion week started yesterday! And I had the opportunity to have full backstage access to Marissa Webb Spring/Summer 2015. And it was awesome! Thank you to Tresemme for the backstage pass. I captured some great shots of the very last minutes before the show. I was able to interview one of the hair stylist and she expressed this year the looks Marissa Webb was going for was very cool chic. There was two types of hair styles - a 5 strand braid and also a three-corn rows style all using Tresemme products. The models looked amazing. So cool chic, the vibe was definitely a little edgy and a lot of cool. I love being able to love what I do. And yesterday was my second year attending Lincoln Center for these amazing shows. Here are some snaps I was able to capture,  including a candid of Ms. Marissa Webb herself, checking out some last minute details.

 The make up was beautiful, pretty simple but captivating. Smokey eyes, nude lips + dewy skin! Just gorg! 

 The style board detailing each + every models looks. I truly live my dream! 

If you have had the opportunity to attend these stunning shows you know how hard it can be to catch the right photo as the models strut by. These are just a couple I was able to get. The designs were feminine. Very beautifully cut and stunningly effortless. Some edgier than others, with a very cool vibe and others a little more feminine with a gorgeous flow and colors. I hope you enjoyed my coverage! Stay tuned for more!

Huge thank you so Tresemme + Susan S for this great opportunity. 

Wednesday, September 3, 2014


  Happy September!
If you follow me on Insta you noticed I attended a 3-day Indian wedding this past weekend. And it was a lot of fun. It was my first Indian wedding so I was very excited for all 3 events. The first one was the Mehdni party on Friday, I didnt have time to take pictures of what I wore that day but I will post another time. For the ceremony which was on Saturday I wore this TopShop dress I've had for a while and had yet to find a place to wear it to. So what better than my friend's Indian wedding? There's really no other fab place I can wear this to - so I decided to go for it. We had to cover our legs, shoulders and heads so I brought a pretty floral scarf with me which complimented the simple tone of the dress. I added lots of jewelry in  silver for an elegant but simple look. And the final touch was this amazing embellished clutch from NineOneTwoSSI which I love. All the jewelry you see on me is from my boutique Lola Blue, the closet. I am excited to revamp the website and start over fresh since my summer break is over! If you read one of my past posts you noticed I took a little break from the jewelry to enjoy the summer with B and we sure did!
Feliz mes de septiembre chicas!
Si me sigues en Instagram, se dieron cuenta que el pasado fin de semana tuve una boda Hindu, fue la primera boda Hindu a la que he asisitido. Y la verdad estuvo hermosa. Son muy diferentes que las de nosotras. Las colores, la musica, la comida, las tradiciones, todo es diferente. Por eso me pude poner este vestido blanco y largo para la ceremonia, ya que no es tabu como en las bodas catolicas. Al contratrio como las novias no usan el color blanco los invitados si se lo pueden poner. Este vestido es de TopShop y lo he tenido hace ya un tiempo. Y que lugar mas perfecto para usarlo que para esta boda. Esto fue el sabado. La verdad no tuve tiempo de tomarme fotos para el evento del viernes pero si lo huze para la fiesta cual fue el domingo y ese vestido les va a encantar. Bueno, con este look acentue el simple color blanco con joyeria plateada y bastante de ella - toda de mi coleccion de Lola Blue, the closet. Y por ultimo anadi esta cartera hermosa de NineOneTwoSSI. Que les parecio este look?
 Jewelry/Joyeria: Lola Blue, the closet
Dress/Vestido: TopShop
Bag/Cartera: c/o NineOneTwoSSI
Nail Color: Covergirl Gel Mani