Thursday, October 16, 2014


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I will be honest I didn't know where to begin when I sat down to write this post. The simple thought of thinking back to the day my son was born brings a bunch of emotions and nostalgia. Simply choosing a photo to add to this post took me back to 3+ years ago to the most beautiful day of my life (emergency cesarean and all). Like any mother I adore my son and cherish our moments, from the smallest, simplest things to the big accomplishments and new stages of his life. I am proud to wear my heart on my sleeve, it is actually something I have grown into. I used to be self concious about being so emotional for everything and anything in my life. But as I have grown I have learned to be proud of it. And if you know me, then you know that simply reminiscing of Ben's birth and his early month can totally make me shed a few tears. Heck, looking at him play as I write this makes me wonder... where did time go? But God am I blessed and lucky to have such an amazing boy in my life to call my own. He is smart and funny and beyond anything so respectful, loving and sweet. He is compassionate and quirky all these at once. And I love everything about him. The way he loves me and the way he is so attached to me. I can only hope to cherish all these memories deep inside my heart and hold them close to me forever. Because he made me a mother, the best job I've ever had. Some days get tough, challenging even. But nonetheless the love I feel for him overcomes any tantrum in a heartbeat. Being a first time mom is no easy task. I have learned and I am still learning. I make mistakes and I try to be a better mom on a daily and today I want to share a few little tips that have worked for me and for my son. I am all about taking advice so if you are like me, read on.
 Hold your baby. I remember when Ben was born so many people told me "Don't hold the baby too much because he will get spoiled and never want to be put down!". Guess what ladies, I held my baby a ton, I didn't listen... I loved those moments he fell asleep on my chest. Babies don't get spoiled from you holding them, you have a lot of other ways your kid will get spoiled by in the future. But as a newborn, hold them all you want, kiss them, carry them in your arms as much as you can. Because time will fly. I am so glad I "spoiled" Ben so much as a baby, those memories are tucked into my heart warmly. I rather hold my baby close to my heart and "spoil" that baby with all my love and warmth. Because believe me they will be out of your arms and running freely not wanting to be held very soon.
It's ok to cry. Your body goes through so much from giving birth, your hormones are all over the place. Being a first time mom is not easy. Not only are your hormones out of whack but you have a whole new human being that is entirely your responsibility. It's scary. It's nerve racking. They are so little and fragile. I remember crying for anything and everything the first few days. I cried because I didn't put the diaper on right and he would pee right through them or because y milk supply wasn't coming in fast enough and I felt like I was a horrible mom, already! I cried because I was tired. Ladies, having a baby is a beautiful, explainable experience. People will expect you to be all smiles, puppies and rainbows all day long. And yes of course I was happy, it was the happiest - it IS the happiest I've ever been. But it is also hard. So don't be afraid to cry it out a little. It is normal. Talk to your husband, tell him how you feel. Or phone a friend... a mom, someone that has been there and won't judge you. Someone who you know will make you feel better, because we have all been there. No one is perfect and though some women don't like to admit it, it isn't all glitter and gold. It takes time to adjust but you will, I promise! I am still learning every single day but I now know that it is ok and in the end you still have this precious bundle of love and it is so worth it.
All babies are different. Us moms, it is in our nature to worry. I worry hard every day. It is exhausting! But it's just part of me. And it will be part of you too. I remember when Ben turned 1. He still wasn't walking on his own. People gave their opinions (and you will get a lot of unwanted "opinions") and I started to worry. I kept thinking but he is fine and his legs look fine. And ladies he was just fine, he started to walk at 14 months. He ran... and now he won't stop running! You want them to walk and when they do you will want to them to sit still. We are crazy I tell ya;) Here's where I am trying to get at, all babies are different, some walk at 10 months and others, like Ben, at 14 months. Some eat everything and some will be picky for a few months (like Ben). Some kids, talk with words that surprise you (like Ben!) and some just take a little while longer to develop their speech and all of that is ok. Don't compare your baby. You may listen to people's opinions but in the end you will know what is best for you and your baby. Enjoy each milestone.
Ask for help. I am guilty of this one. I am one of those people who would rather pack on the duties than ask anyone for help. I have always been this way. And when my son was born I had the blessing of having my mom help me a lot. I realize not everyone is that lucky. My husband and my mom went above and beyond to help me with our newborn. They would often tell me to go take a nap and rest while they stayed with him. But you will see when you become a mom you feel like you have to do it all. I remember the days my mom would tell me "go to sleep, I will watch him" and I would lay on the bed staring at the ceiling, tired but I wouldn't sleep. If I would hear him cry just a bit I would get up and see if he was ok. I guess it's the mom instinct in us. But ladies, take the help! You need it. Ask for the help. Whether that's having your mom cook for you or watch the baby. Or a friend come help for a while, take it. You will be a happier mommy.
You ARE doing a great job, he will be a great human. From the moment they come into the world until pretty much forever, you will spend your days wondering if you are in fact raising a great human. I wonder about that everyday (I told you I am crazy) I want him to be a humble, caring, compassionate, educated, professional and loving man one day. But most importantly I want him to be HAPPY. So I strive every day to make him happy. Not by spoiling him with toys or letting him do whatever he wants but with LOVE. I have learned that love is the one thing that we all strive for - the one thing that we all want. And I want my little love to feel loved and happy every day of his life. We are all different mamas, but remember we are all doing our best. So every once in a while pat yourself on the back, raising a human is no easy task and I think sometimes we forget to take  a moment to realize that we are in fact doing the best we can.  
Use the products that works best for you + your baby. We all know how important it is to protect baby’s soft skin, which is why I love NEW! Huggies Little Snugglers Diapers. I have used Huggies with my son since he was born to the moment he was potty trained. And I plan to do the same with my baby girl.. The new GentleAbsorb* Liner provides a cushiony layer of protection with hundreds of tiny absorbent pillows to help draw mess away from my baby’s delicate skin. For a gentle clean, I use Huggies Natural Care Wipes with the simplest formula ever for my son's delicate, soft skin.  Pretty mamas, Huggies recognizes there are some things you can’t add to your baby registry – is there something you wish you could add, but simply can’t? Register your wish at for your chance to make it a reality. If you’re selected as a winner, Huggies will do everything they can to make your wish come true. 

Wednesday, October 15, 2014


Ladies, this week marks my 24th week... yes 6 months! Yikes! I can't believe how fast it's going. My baby bump is growing and I honestly feel like it grew 10 inches over night, I am sure you can see that too! Haha. But ladies that does not mean we have to stop dressing cute and fashionable. You all know my motto, just because you are a mom or mom to be does not mean you get to let yourself go. If anything you need to embrace the changes in your body, it is a true miracle. And I am blessed to be able to experience this amazing experience for the second time. So ladies, my advice for you prego beauties is to dress comfortably, dress like you normally would, just simply go a size up if you need to buy new items. I bought these skinny sweatpants at H&M in a medium, they fit perfect but still have a little room for the next few months. I didn't want to take them off, for $17.95, they are perfect and super versatile. You can match them with a tee like I did in this adorable Mama in Heels one... or with a cute button down top, even a crew neck knit sweater would look great. Add a chunky scarf and your favorite heels (or flats) and you are ready to go.
Esta semana marca mi semana numero 24, si chicas 6 meses de embarazo ya! No lo puedo creer, el tiempo esta volando pero me siento tan bendecida de poder experimentar este milagro por segunda vez. La verdad es una bendicion y le agradezco a Dios todos los dias por darme este regalo. Chicas, ya saben que mi dicho es que no tienen que descuidarse porque estan embarazadas o son mamas. El truco es estar comoda, ser TU pero siempre arreglada, porque cuando uno se siente bien, se es feliz. Y una mama feliz crea una familia feliz. Asi que mi consejo es que cuando estas embarazada, compra la misma ropa que te pondrias pero una size mas grandesita. Estos pantalones los compre en medium en H&M, a tan solo $17.95 - son comodos y a la moda ademas todavia tengo un poquito de espacio para la panza que me crecera los proximo meses. Y las posibilidades de como ponertelo son muchas. Combinalo con una camisa de botones, un sueter de lana y hasta un blazer o simplemente como lo hize yo con esta camiseta. Agregale tus zapatos favoritos y lista!
Tee/Camiseta: c/o OhBabyChic
Sweatpants/Pantalon: H&M
Bag/Cartera: c/o Olivia + Joy
Shoes/Zapatos: Zara


Tuesday, October 14, 2014


Baby girls are made of sugar... and I am having so much fun with my sweet baby girl already. And she's not even here yet! I am so very excited about today's post. I teamed up with some amazing and super talented vendors to bring you some of my favorite handmade items for baby girls. From headbands to booties, to bows and blankets, our baby girl is so lucky to have received all these sweet gifts. I enjoy opening packages for her and love to share the love. Below you will find a shop link as well as each vendors Instagram, so you too can have any of these adorably perfect pieces. We are already getting ready for our baby and these sweet things are just a few of our favorite things so far. I hope you mommies enjoy this post and get some inspiration for decorating and styling your baby girls, from these great handmade vendors, like I did. 
Polka Dot Rose Gold Moccassins by ShopMiniMoxie | IG: ShopMiniMoxie
Organic Copper Dipped Scalloped Tee by The Scalloped Window | IG: JeadoreBlogger

Oh Baby! Custom Onesie by PDS113 | IG: PDStudiosStore
Plaid Boots by Boots by Becca | IG: BootsByBecca
Headband Bows by Potluck Store | IG: PotLuck_Store

Flower Crown + Flower Headbands by MommysTimeOut | IG: MommysTimeOut

Baby Bib + Burp Cloth by Peek-a-Bootique Quilts
Baby Blanket with Dimple Dot Minky by Peek-a-Bootique Quilts

LOVE Diamond Headband by Arrow & Lace | IG: ArrowAndLaceDesigns
Handmade Bunny Doll by Eka Konon Dolls | IG: EkaKononDolls

Thank you so much to every single vendor who sent over a sweet gift for our baby girl. I am in love with each and everyone. You are all so amazingly talented, your handmade work is stunning and made to perfection. The details + quality of each piece are superb. I can tell how much love is put into these items. 
Mamas, if you like any of the items on here make sure to check out the variety of things each vendor makes. Each shop and Instagram links are under the photos. I hope you enjoyed this post and follow these shops.

Monday, October 13, 2014


I have always loved Kourtney Kardashian's maternity style, she is on her 3rd pregnancy now and she always rocks her bump effortlessly and manages to look comfortable and chic all at the same time... and as you've heard me say before, comfort-chic is right up my alley... pregnant or not! So when I saw her wear a mini cotton dress and long cardi I knew I wanted to recreate the look and give it my own spin. She wore an all black look but I wanted to make it a little more fun and worked with what I had in my closet. I have been wearing these H&M dresses for a couple of years. They are my favorite piece for summer and they are a great transitional piece and at just $12.95 they are a must have. This is a great pregnancy outfit for this fall, prego mamas, it is definitely fashionable and comfortable, so you will look effortlessly chic. It was easy to achieve and easy to wear. And what I like best, you can get these pieces pretty much anywhere and at any budget. All these pieces are great transitional pieces to have. Nothing like neutrals and essentials this season!
Desde su primer embarazo, siempre me ha encantado el estilo de maternidad de Kourtney Kardashian. Ya que va por el tercer bebe, su look de este embarazo esta super chic e impecable como los anteriores. Lo que mas me gusta es que se la ve muy comoda pero super a la moda y sin mucho esfuerzo. Cuando vi una foto de su look de un vestido mini negro con sueter estilo cardigan largo del mismo color me parecio super lindo para esta temporada y por eso lo re-cree este pasado fin de semana. Le puse mi propio tono ya que use piezas de mi closet, sin salir a comprar nada. Estos vestidos de algodon de H&M son los mejores para casi todo el anio. A tan solo $12.95 me parecen perfectos y los voy comprando ya algunos anios. Les recomiendo este look a todas las embarazadas, ya que es facil de conseguir todas estas piezas y super comodo de ponertelo con barriguita y todo. Ademas les puede servir hasta despues de la maternidad.
Hat/Sombrero: Rag & Bone
Dress/Vestido: H&M
Cardigan/Sueter: H&M
Boots/Botas: Forever 21
Bag/Cartera: Marc Jacobs

Have  great week and thank you for all the prego love on Insta!
Que tengan una linda semana y gracias por el carino en Instagram!

Thursday, October 9, 2014


I had a girls day last Sunday with my mom. It was a little chilly so I decided to wear one of my favorite chunky scarves. It was a gorgeous sunny day but breezy indeed. This chambray you've seen many times but I just can't get enough of it, it's from Old Navy and it is one of my most worn pieces, if you don't have one get one, you will get so much use out of it all year round. I am actually looking for a darker denim one but haven't found the perfect one yet. I wore heels for a little bit on this day just to feel like myself, I will be honest I have been wearing a lot of flats but I do wear my heels for a couple of hours and then change into my comfortable flats. My growing bump is definitely making its mark and I am beginning to feel the extra weight and discomfort when I wear heels for too long so I don't want to abuse it. 
El domingo pasado tuve un dia de shopping con mi mami, el dia estuvo bello y soleado pero un poco ventoso por eso decidi ponerme una de mis bufandas favoritas. La combine con mi camisa de jean o chambray favorita. Ustedes han visto este camisa muchas veces pero en realidad es una de mis piezas preferidas. Si no tienes una, te la recomiendo, es una buena inversion, la mia es de Old Navy. Ahora mismo estoy buscando una de color jean mas oscura, porque me encantan y son super comodas y chic. Decidi ponerme tacos por un ratito y de ahi me cambia a flats. La verdad que como me esta creciendo la barriga, ya estoy sintiendo los dolores de espalda cuando me pongo mis tacos por demasiado tiempo. Asi que prefiero prevenir que lamentar. Pero igual de vez en cuando me encantan mis tacos! 
Scarf/Bufanda: Zara
Chambray/Camisa: c/o Old Navy
Pants/Pantalon: via JCPenney
Bag/Cartera: c/o Olivia + Joy
Shoes/Zapatos: Forever 21 


Tuesday, October 7, 2014


This is a compensated campaign in collaboration with Huggies Little Snugglers + Latina Bloggers Connect. All opinions expressed are my own.
Today's post makes me extra happy. There is nothing sweeter than planning your baby's nursery. And I have put 10 of my must have pieces when it comes to my idea of perfect nursery for our baby girl. I created the nursery decor inspiration board above to give you an idea of how pretty all the pieces will look together. I am obsessed with this peachy-pink color and hints of gold and gray. I just love the simplicity and elegance as well as the girly and sweet vibe. When putting this nursery style idea together I knew I wanted to have lots of textures and a couple of great focus pieces. Remember you can create this nursery with any budget, you don't have to get exactly what you see here, maybe you have a bigger or smaller budget and that's all ok. Work with what you have and be creative. Give your baby a calm and comfortable space to call her little nook. Below I am breaking down each piece and why I love it, as well as a link to where you can purchase it, if you wish. I can't wait to put together our daughter's nursery space, I think it will be a lot of fun just like it was for my son. Don't forget to have fun with it. For one thing I did learn is that you don't need the entire crib bedding set, unless you really want it. Crib sets can be quite expensive. For this baby (our second) I plan on getting just the bumper and skirt. I never used the quilt and valances with my sons, so that was pretty much a waste of money for us. I plan on getting a bumper similar or the same as the one you see here and a simple peachy crib skirt, crib sheets are easy to find and you will be doing a lot of laundry so why not spend a little less and get a few crib sheets that simply match your decor. Now on to the fun stuff, because I am sure you are thinking "Erika, enough chatting, just tell me where I can get this!" 

Baby Girl Nursery Ideas
1. Ikea Pendant Lamp, $89  
- I love love love this, it is a great and chic alternative to the typical and traditional chandelier.
- I am obsessed with all things gold + glitter and this crown is the perfect accessory idea for your nursery as a sweet and fun accent on her dresser as well as a great prop for newborn photos. Win-win! 
3. Decorative Pillows, here and here, prices vary
- There's nothing that makes a crib more cozy than a few adorable pillows, these colors are perfect for what I am looking for and look great together even though they are all from different shops.
- I have been dreaming of this doll for weeks. It is the prettiest handmade doll I have ever seen and my daughter told me she needs it. Now that is a steep price but if you ave the budget I say why not. It makes for a great keepsake for years to come as well as a stunning decoration piece.
- When it comes to a great focus piece a great lighting fixture or big wall decor piece is a great way to achieve your main style. I fell in love with this gold mirror, I think it is beautiful for a little girl's nursery. Of course be sure to have it hung up properly and securely. As it can be a heavy piece.
- One of my must haves is a great crib bumper. For my son we bought a beautiful Jenna Glean set and I have since loved a nice thick and soft crib bumper. This RH bumper is everything I wish for. I think the color and texture is perfect. The flower detail is perfection, I am in complete love with it. 
- While I will not be spending this much money for a crib, I think that if you have the budget this is a stunning crib to have. I love the classic feel and stunning gold details. There are many options to finding a great crib at a great price, for us we will be getting a white crib. An expensive crib is just not in my must-have list, so I will be skipping this gorgeous one but I hope one of you gets it! 
8. Bird Mobile, $130
- When looking for the perfect mobile, I found this amazing crystals and felt bird mobile on Etsy. I think it is so pretty + delicate which I love. I think adding a little bit of color into a crisp and light nursery is a must and these adorable birds and pretty crystals are just stunning. 
- I saw this blanket on one of my favorite mommy insta friends (AriSays) feed. I love that these cute and cuddly blankets are not only personalized but they have a velvety soft side for your little one's cozy nights.
10. PB Evelyn Rug, $399
- A great rug is a great way to add texture and the perfect final touch to any room. And for this nursery inspiration board I fell in love with this gray area rug. There are many options for this, if this price is out of your range, I recommend going to stores like Walmart, Target and Home Goods. Which is what I will be doing but this rug serves as great inspiration when trying to find what I am looking for.
… … …
Remember you can always add all these items on to your baby registry, which is the best and easiest way to let your baby shower guests know exactly what you want and what need, believe me they will be happy that you already picked out your favorites, so don't be embarrassed when scanning those adorable items away. If you love all these pieces but can't afford them, I have great news ladies... Simply add Huggies Little Snugglers and Natural Care Wipes to your baby registry by clicking HERE and you can be entered for the chance to make your baby dream wish come true! And that dream might just be your nursery! 
I hope you moms-to-be enjoyed this baby nursery inspiration board, next week I will be sharing tips for first time moms and what I have learned in my 3+ years of motherhood. So stay tuned for that, have a sweet and productive week, let me know what other topics and ideas you would like to see!

Monday, October 6, 2014


Ladies, I was having a conversation with my husband over the weekend about how I hope you all don't get tired of my maternity style outfits. We are more than half way there on this beautiful pregnancy journey and that can only mean this bump is getting bigger by the second. I am beginning to feel the body changes on a daily and all I want to do is be comfortable. I wore this outfit over the weekend and I love it because though it looks all put together and stylish it is simply all about the accessories. I wore my favorite pregnancy piece: the black leggings! with a simple black cami from Forever 21 - you know, those that are $3! Those, love them! And I added this amazing long cardi from OASAP which I know I will be wearing a lot this fall/winter season. I knew the outfit needed a little pop so I added this skull scarf and newsboy cap. Remember ladies, first things first is comfort and then comes fashion, especially when you are pregnant. You can still be super stylish and chic while rocking that bump. I hope you stick with me through this pregnancy journey and don't get to tired of my prego outfits, I promise to make them wearable for pregos + non-pregos.
Hola chicas, feliz lunes! Durante el fin de semana conversaba con mi esposo y le decia que espero que ustedes no se cansen de mis look de embarazo pero prometo que seran looks para mujeres embarazadas y no embarazadas. Como siempre mi estilo pero con ropa un poquito mas grande jaja. Bueno les cuento que esta barriga me crece por segundo pero ya estamos a mas de la mitad de este bello momento. Y estoy sintiendo ya todos los cambios de el cuerpo y todo eso. Por eso mi pieza favorita durante el embarazo son las leggings negras. Son comodas y si le anades los accesorios correctos te veras chic y a la moda y lo mas importante es que estaras super comoda. Para este look me puse las leggings con las camisetas de algodon de Forever 21 - esas baratitas de $3! y con este cardigan largo mas accesorios estuve lista para disfrutar de mi fin de semana, como y a la moda. Porque recuerden que NO tienen que dejar de ser ustedes tan solo porque estamos embarazadas, al contrario amigas, luzcan bellas y hermosas como los son! 
Cardigan: c/o OASAP
Leggings: via Burlington
Boots: Steve Madden via TJMaxx
Scarf: c/o OASAP
Bag: Forever 21