Friday, April 17, 2015


{this picture is from when Emme was 1 week old}
Recently I have been receiving a lot of emails from the sweetest readers asking me how "I keep it all together" or how do I "do it all". So I wanted to put this post together for all those mommies out there that think that what you see on Instagram is 100% reality, those moments are real... but that is just about 20% of my life. 
Motherhood is not easy and unfortunately women don't like to admit this. Which leaves just about every other mom feeling like she is doing something wrong, when in reality we are all going through the same ups and downs. We just don't post the bad moments because we rather remember the amazing ones.
Being a mother is the most rewarding and loving job in the world. I have never been this happy. Ever. But the truth is that it is hard guys, it is very hard. But for some reason there is some sort of stigma if you admit that well you don't have it all together. And I am here to tell you that it isn't easy. But it is so very well worth it. I would do it over and over again. The good and the bad. Because my kids make me smile like no one else can and they made life worth living every second of the day.
Every day is a new challenge and a  memory made. It's like you get the best of both worlds... great-amazing-fantastic-unforgettable days with the true loves of your life. But you also have some hard-exhausting-frustrating and emotional days. But that is all part of it. Part of being a woman and a mother. I know that I wouldn't be able to do what I do if it wasn't for the village that it takes to raise my kids. I have a great support system. My husband and my mother are the most amazing humans I know. They literally strive to make me happy, every single day. My happiness is truly their happiness, they have told me so lol -  all they want is for me to have happy days. But that's not reality. I love them for trying but they also understand that I am an exhausted mom and on occasions a short tempered mom. It took some time to make them understand that while I adore my kids more than anything in the world, there are some days when I just need a moment for myself. Just 5 minutes. And we all do. So they give me those moments. Whether that means watching Modern Family (or shamelessly The Kardashians) alone in my bedroom while my husband watches the kids. Or a run to Target alone, while my mom stays with the kids... they give me that "me" time that keeps me sane.
The best advice I can give is to try to have those moments, those ME moments. Not just as a mom but as a human, we need those alone moments. So if you can, go for a walk, or to Target, my preferred and favorite place. If a book makes you happy, read a couple of pages at Starbucks alone. It does get easier and your body does get used to the middle of the night feedings. The pajamas eventually come off too (believe it or not!) and the days get brighter and everything does fall into place. So hang in there. We are all going thought the same struggle.
In between all the chaos and all the spit up and the poop - just take a breather. I forget sometimes how fast these good and bad moments go by. I hold my babygirl all day and anytime I can. And yes she is spoiled, she loves to be held. But it's ok, I don't listen to those who tell me not to "spoil" her by holding her "too much" whatever that means. I just know these moments are going to go by so fast, and I am going to want them back and so I just enjoy it. The same with my son, I did the exact thing with him and now I am so glad I took in all those snuggles and all those moments alone with him. He is going to be 4 this summer, F O U R. And now it is easier and he is so independent it definitely makes me miss his baby days. But it is all part of this crazy, beautiful motherhood journey.
This turned into such a long post. But I wanted to take the time to let you all know that I don't have it all together as it may seem on Instagram. I struggle, I cry, I get frustrated but at the end of the day I feel blessed and happy to have two amazing healthy kids, a loving caring mom and a sweet loving and supportive husband. I wouldn't be able to blog and work on all this if it wasn't for their help and their love for me and their eagerness to make me:
simply H A P P Y.
That is how I do it; I do it with their love and support and a lot of passion and prayers!
Thank you so much for all your support and love, I appreciate it tons.


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Has it ever happened to you that the smell of a certain food, perfume, season and even your body wash can take you back to the best and most fun memories? It happens to me all the time, even when I was a little girl. I remember when my mother would travel... being an only child, I was always super attached to her, so on the days she wasn't home, I remember I would love to smell her clothes! Kind of weird, right? But so true. It simply took me back, straight to her, it was like I could almost feel her hugging me by just smelling her clothes. It made me feel so close to her; she definitely is one strong, independent woman who has always left the biggest impression in my life. One by which I am so inspired by. Those memories last a lifetime, and a scent lasts forever too. I hope my kids one day also have a special scent that they can connect back to me. 

And when it comes to people thinking of me, I want them to always think of me as a passionate woman. I am passionate with my husband, as we should all be, but passionate doesn't only have a sexual connotation... I am passionate about my emotions, my dreams and how I live my life. 
There is nothing, to me, like being passionate, nothing like feeling sexy and confident. 

And for me, this Caress Adore Forever™ body wash gives me exactly that. It rejuvenates my inner 25-year-old, it excites my flirty-sassy senses and it totally gives me the confidence and sex appeal I love. With its long-lasting sweet honey-vanilla scent, it has become one of my favorite body washes, especially this spring. I love to change up my beauty routines for face and body every season. And this one is especially delicious; it makes me feel like a new, more confident woman; a woman that leaves a long lasting impression with her exquisite scent and vibrant personality. I just love for people to feel my vibe through my energy and remember me not just by how I look but most importantly by how I made them feel. A person's smell can reveal just that, a true deep feeling and an array of memories.

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Wednesday, April 15, 2015


Jacket: Zara
Tee: Forever 21
Pants: H&M
Shoes: ShoeDazzle
Bag: Forever 21
Bracelet: Lola Blue, the Closet

Last week, I attended the Marie Claire Shoes First event with my blogger babe Lissette from Raven Fashion (thanks for the invite Lissy!). It was hosted by Nina Garcia and we got to chat with her for a few minutes. She was absolutely down to earth and so sweet. We talked about Latinas in the blogging business and how we want to take our name and cultures higher and make a way for our daughters to be able to make it any where doing whatever they want to do. It was truly such an inspirational moment for me. We had such a fun time. There are a few fun shots from the event on my Instagram from that night, so go check it out! It was a chilly spring evening so I wore this tweed jacket I got on super sale at Zara maybe 2 years ago and paired it with my faux leather pants from H&M and faux fur shoeties from Shoe Dazzle. I love mixing prints and even more so texture. I even love to do it with my home decor! Have I told you guys how obsessed with my basic tees I am? I usually get them at Forever 21 and H&M. I love that they can go with pretty much any outfit. I love comfort in style!
La semana pasada asisti a un evento de la revista Marie Claire llamado Shoes First en donde estuvo Nina Garcia de anfitriona. Fue una tarde muy divertida con mi amiga bloguera Lissette de Raven Fashion. Pudimos conversar con Nina Garcia unos minutos y la verdad me inspiro mucho. Conversamos sobre las Latinas y todo lo que hacemos para llevar nuestro nombre y cultura muy alto. Fue definitivamente un momento muy chevere para mi. Pues aunque es primera estuvo un poco fria la noche por eso use este atuendo, en el cual mezcle las texturas, desde tweed y cuero sintetico a unos zapatos hermosos estilo shoeties de Shoe Dazzle con piel sintetica. Me encantaron! Y como se dan cuenta esta camisetas de Forever 21 basicas son ideales con cualquier atuendo. Me encantan por su versatilidad y comodida. Es un look facil, comodo y de moda. Como me encantan!

Monday, April 13, 2015




On B:
Hat/Gorra: H&M
Jacket: Arizona via JCPenney
Jeans: The Children's Place
Sneakers: H&M
On Me:
Top/Camiseta: c/o SheInside
Jeans: Forever 21
Shoes/Zapatos: Forever 21
We've had an amazing weekend. Definitely one that makes me have a very HAPPY Monday! 
I enjoyed 2 gorgeous spring days (finally!) with my family. We had quite a few things to do over the weekend and I wanted to be comfortable and chic. The kids had doctors appointments, we had to do some shopping and more, so flat shoes were definitely ideal. I got these chic and fab shoes at Forever 21 just two weeks ago and I love them! They had a couple of different colors but I decided on this pale pink for a feminine chic look that can go with pretty much any outfit. 
B decided to join my photos and I couldn't be happier, I love it when he wants to take pics. And these cool boy sneakers you see on him are his latest favorites! He wears them every single day. And I am not kidding. Thank God they are cute and were just $20 at H&M! I love H&M for kids, they are inexpensive and such great quality items. Love their kids style. 
Tuvimos un fin de semana hermoso de primavera, por fin! Y esa causa que mi lunes sea un lunes muy feliz. Disfrute mucho estos dos dias con mi familia. Tuvimos varias cositas que hacer incluyendo llevar a los ninos al doctor y hacer algunas compritas. Por eso decidi ponerme mis zapatos nuevos de Forever 21. Son lindos y comodos y me encanta el color, ya que pueden combinar con muchos atuendos. Y como ven, a mi hijo se le ocurrio estar en mis fotos, y yo feliz! Me encanta cuando quiere estar en las fotos conmigo. Es un bello!  
Como pueden ver los zapatos de el son sus favoritos y se los pone todos los dias. No les miento, jaja. Pero gracias a Dios son lindos y baratos, a tan solo $20 en H&M. Me encanta el estilo de H&M kids... tienen ropa bella y barata de buena calidad.

Monday, March 30, 2015


Sunnies/Gafas: Rayban
Sweatshirt/Sueter: H&M
Pants/Pantalon: Zara
Shoes/Zapatos: ShoeDazzle
Hi babes!
Last week I bought these fabulous faux fur shoeties aka shoes that are like booties from Shoe Dazzle
And I receive them in the mail on Friday and I knew I would want to wear them over the weekend. I decided to do a super simple outfit that still complemented the shoes but super subtly. I love that you can wear these shoes in a numerous of ways, super casual like I did yesterday for shopping and dinner with my family or you can of course, dress them up for a sexier look. I can't wait to wear them again. The  best part? I paid $18 for them by becoming a VIP shopper through Shoe Dazzle. Right now they are having a super discount - 50% off any pair of shoes when you join. So easy to join, go to THIS link and get your pair today. I love these and think every woman needs a fun and wild pair of shoes like these in their closet! Happy shopping xo
Hola chicas! 
La semana pasada me compre estos zapatos en Shoe Dazzle a tan solo $18! No parece verdad?
Me encantaron cuando los recibi, excellente calidad y me encanta que el modelo es super versatil. Ya que como ven yo me lo puse super casual ayer, domingo, pero estan hermosos tambien para una noche de copas o para salir a bailar. Yo me los puse asi con este atuendo simple para salir a comer y de compras. Ustedes tambien los pueden comprar al mismo precio con tan solo hacerse miembro de Shoe Dazzle a traves de ESTE enlance. A mi me encanta ser miembro porque tiene lindos modelos a excellentes precios. Pienso que toda mujer necesita un par de zapatos asi de chic y sexy. 
Feliz compras! xo

Friday, March 27, 2015


Sunnies|Gafas: c/o Lulu's
Shirt|Camiseta: Forever 21
Blazer: H&M
Jeans: Zara
Bag|Cartera: c/o Lulu's
Shoes|Zapatos: Jessica Simpson Collection
This mama is back on her fashion game and I couldn't be happier. 
Dressing up and feeling like my old self truly makes me feel happy and whole. 
I feel so confident and there's nothing like that feeling for  me. It brings everything full circle when I feel great. That's why it is so important to me to take care of myself in order to be a great mom and wife. I always say you have to start with yourself first. 
To be a happy MOM and WIFE... one must be a happy WOMAN. 
I got this cool sweater "tee" at Forever 21 over the weekend. I loved the from the minute I saw it. I am not usually a huge fan of graphic shirts or shirts with too much wording but the print on this made me want to have it. It's a great piece to transition all year long. You can wear it like I did with a blazer or alone... from spring to summer and into fall. I love it! 
Esta mama esta de regreso con todos mis posts de moda y estoy aqui para quedarme!
La verdad que vestirme como me gusta y sentirme como yo misma me hace muy feliz. 
No hay nada como una mujer segura de si... y asi es como me he sentido ultimamente. Siempre lo digo.. para ser una mama y esposa feliz uno tiene que empezar con uno mismo y ser una mujer feliz. 
Cuando vi esta camiseta tipo sueter con disenos graficos me encanto. Normalmente no soy de mucho graficos o palabras grandes pero este estampado me parecio super chevere.
Me encanta porque es una de esas piezas que puedes usar todo el anio. Desde primavera como lo use yo, hasta verano, si te quitas el blazer, y de nuevo para el otonio. Me encanto!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015


Top|Camiseta: H&M
Skirt|Falda: c/o SheInside
Sandals|Zapatos: Forever 21
Bag|Cartera: Forever 21
I am baaack... and more ready than ever to get this fashion party started! 
After 2 months of taking a break from fashion posts to focus on enjoying the last weeks of pregnancy and then my maternity leave I am back and feeling like my old self again. 
Thank you so much for all your love and patience during these passed few months. 
It meant the world to me to have all of you follow me on my journey - love you guys!
Back to what we are here for... the look of the day: 
From the moment I saw this skirt, I knew I had to have it. It is the epitome of a spring must have! 
(I ordered a size medium but it is big on the waist. Hurray! That just means I am shedding those lbs!) I styled it with a solid gray top to bring out the gorgeous print and topped it with these amazing must have mule sandals from Forever 21 that I got over the weekend for just under $30! You too need them this season. You will be seeing these on me a lot this season. 

Don't miss my giveaway with Lansinoh on IG for all mommies and mommies to be!
Ya estoy de regreso y feliz de mi primer look de moda despues de mis mini vacaciones de maternidad. Gracias por todo su apoyo y amore durante estos ultimos meses. 
Lo aprecio muchisimo! Pero ya estoy de vuelta y  me siento mejor que nunca.
Desde el momento en que vi esta falda supe que tenia que ser mia. Me encanta el estampado. 
Me parece la falda perfecta para esta primavera. Le combine con una camiseta gris solida y
estas bellas sandalias de Forever 21 que me compre este fin de semana - por menos de $30!
Les advierto que la veran mucho esta temporada porque me encanta. 

No se pierdan de mi sorteo para todas las mama y embarazada en Instagram